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Rhinoplasty and Nose Health
Functional Rhinoplasty Surgery

The question most of my patients ask is "Do you break the nasal bones and rasp the nasal dorsum?" Half of the nasal dorsum consists of cartilage and the other half consists of bone structure. It is not possible to perform a cosmetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) without removing this bony structure or interfering with the bone.

When we remove nasal hump, the nose looks like a roof with a cut top and we call it an 'open roof'. Noses with an open roof look wide from the front. This appearance should be narrowed since it will not be considered aesthetic. So from where do you narrow it? We narrow the nose right from the nasofacial junction. We can perform this narrowing procedure using steel chisel and hammer or special tools that do not damage soft tissue and vessels. If we do it with a hammer and chisel, the bone may be broken from undesired points and damage the surrounding soft tissues too much. If it is broken from the areas that we do not desire, we cannot perform the shaping procedure as we want. If the surrounding blood vessels and soft tissue are damaged, it results in excessive bruising and swelling.

Using micromotor and ultrasonic bone shaping tools in our surgeries, we make incisions where we want, not uncontrolled fractures. Thanks to these devices, we perform our operations with millimetric shaping and minimal bruising and swelling.