Rhinoplasty - Filling Applications - Tip Plasty
Rhinoplasty and Nose Health


What is the goal of chin aesthetics? Most people want to undergo rhinoplasty to have a beautiful facial appearance. They want to take a nice profile picture. It is sometimes not possible to provide this only with rhinoplasty. Especially in patients with flat chin and forehead. Harmony of the facial structures is very important. In these patients, the nose along with forehead and chin are evaluated in the preoperative analysis of facial structures. If the forehead or jaw is flattened, we recommend fat injection into the forehead or place a silicone implant in the chin.

How do I notice the problem in my chin?

It is very easy to understand. In a picture taken from the side, the end point of your chin should be 2-3 mm behind the end point of the lower lip.

Chin augmentation is mostly performed with implants in patients with normal dental structure and jaw development. The chin is augmented with an appropriate implant placed on the jawbone through an incision made inside the mouth or under the chin.

Chin implant surgery can be performed through an incision made inside the mouth or under the chin. There are implants of different sizes, shapes and materials. I usually prefer silicone implants in my surgeries. The appropriate implant is selected depending on the patient and the desired results. The sutures used are generally absorbable sutures and are not removed after the surgery. The operative time is usually 30-45 minutes. Mild swelling may occur postoperatively. In general, tapes are used to keep the implant more stable on the chin.

Postoperative Wound Scars

If the incisions are made inside the mouth during the surgery, there will be no visible scar. If the incision is made under the chin, a hardly visible small scar will form in the area. This scar is not noticed in your social life.